Publication : 16 March 2022

Interview Mylène Ballet-Baz

Today, we are going to meet a young French skier with whom we are proud to collaborate and to give her all our support, Mylène Ballet-Baz. More information….

We wish you a good reading.

Interview :

Mylène, you are a professional ski cross skier. We remind you of your record of achievements: you are the leader of the general ranking of the European Cup, you have 4 victories in the European Cup, you have already reached the top 15 in the World Cup.   Before you had this record that you have today. Let’s start again from the beginning if you want…

  • When and how did you start skiing ?

“I started skiing when I was about 3 years old, I could barely walk and I was already on skis. Both my parents are instructors so I skied at a very young age.”

  • At what age did you become a professional skier  ?

“I have been a professional skier since last year. However, I’ve been in a high-level curriculum for skiing since middle school, but I’ve officially been on the departmental lists since last year.”

  • What does a typical day look like for a high level skier  ?

“We usually get up pretty early around 7am in the morning, well, for me it’s early *laughs*, then we have breakfast before we go on the slopes, we do a reco, in the winter time, we do 4-5 runs of ski cross and we finish with a “start” session. We eat around 1 pm. The afternoon begins with a small nap of one hour.

Then, we make either an exit on foot, or sport, a session of body-building/bicycle if we have a room of fitness at disposal. We take care of our skis at the end of the day and to conclude, a stretching session. In the evening, we eat and do it again the next day.”  

“I could barely walk and I was already on skis.”

  • Do you practice any other sport than skiing ?

“I don’t practice any other sport in particular strictly speaking, but I sometimes do crossfit for my physical preparation, I’ve even done competitions, I really like it. Physical preparation is not necessarily fun, but with crossfit, I prepare myself physically by doing something I like. I also do wakeboarding, I like that a lot.

Other than that, in our prep we already do a lot of team sports, walking and I also surf in the summer with my family, other than that I don’t do any sports as much as skiing.” 

  • Are there any advantages and/or disadvantages to being a professional skier?  

 “Yes, there are advantages, today it’s my job, it’s something I like and I get up every morning to do what I’ve always wanted to do, I have adrenalin all the time, I’m outside in the mountains. 

There are also disadvantages, for example, I am following a distance learning program, I am in STAPS in Grenoble, I would never have a normal student life. There are also a lot of sacrifices, for example in winter, you have to accept not to see anyone because if you catch COVID you can’t go abroad. So I didn’t really celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve. I don’t see my friends very often and I’m far from my family.”

  • Your greatest victory according to you ? 

 “I think it was this year, during the world cups in Val Thorens, it did not go very well because of the difficult weather conditions. I was sent first because I was at that time “star bib”, they draw lots in the last “star bibs” and send them when the track is not top to act as “snowplow”. Having been drawn at random, I didn’t do a good time, I could have done better.

Afterwards, the European cups took place on the same track and I won 2 titles which allowed me to regain confidence in myself.” 

“I’m aiming for the Olympics in four years […] I want to bring home a medal.”

  • Have you encountered any difficulties during your career? 

“I am still in the early stages of my career at just 20 years old, however, in my first year of alpine skiing, right before I switched to ski cross, I fell all season. I broke my scaphoid, sprained my knee, 3 concussions in the same season.

So I was led to leave alpine skiing, I got kicked out of the Mont Blanc committee and that was a difficult time but it allowed me to turn to ski cross which is the discipline I always wanted to do.” 

  • Are you aiming for the Olympic Games in Milan in 2026 ?

 “Of course I’m aiming for the Olympics, already this year it was close, I qualified but I was not taken because of lack of experience because during the World Cup I did not show my full potential, so I was not selected but I was officially in the quota.

I hope to be there in 4 years and not just to watch others ski but to actually bring home a medal.”

  • What can we wish you the best for the future ? 

“May the rest of the season go well, make a European championship title and win the world juniors.”  

  • If you had a message to give to young people who would like to follow the same path as you, what would it be ?

 “I would tell the younger people to be persistent, to believe in themselves and that, given the means, anything is possible.”

Thank you Mylène for this interview, we wish you good luck for the future.  

To support her during her upcoming competitions, we invite you to follow her on her Instagram account and Facebook page. 

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