About us

mountains tailor made for you

CHAMOUE PROMOTION was born from the desire to offer holidaymakers and mountain lovers apartments with a high level of comfort and equipment while maintaining the charm of a traditional setting!

We make sure that the values and traditions of the Alps are respected. It is important for us to be present in family resorts that have kept their authentic character.

Our different experiences in the field of real estate development have allowed us to acquire a unique expertise and knowledge.  We make sure that we choose our collaborators carefully and we try to use local companies that have the Savoyard know-how at their fingertips.


Authenticity and comfort are the keywords that define our projects.

We aim to offer authentic wood and stone housing while ensuring unparalleled comfort.


Respecting the environment is a priority for us. This is why our projects are part of an ecological and environmental approach.

Chamoue places particular importance on respecting the fauna and flora that make up the mountain and that make it a living and natural place.

We collaborate directly with local well known people who are committed to respecting the environment.

In addition to integrating perfectly into their setting, each of our projects is subject to a careful study of the impact on its direct environment. Thanks to these studies entrusted to  prominent locals , we make sure to respect and preserve the richness that the mountain offers us.

why Should you choose us

  • Authentic accommodations
  • High-end apartments
  • Respect for the environment
  • Traditional setting
  • High level of comfort
  • Listening to your needs and desires
  • Personalization of each property according to your wishes

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